#fashion, Historical Costuming

Frolicking at an Old House in Villa Rica

Sometimes I just want to run around and spin in a big pretty dress. Here is am wearing one of my American Civil War Era dresses, but I have my hair down, and I’m not wearing all of the correct underpinnings, so I’m terribly indecent. But the idea for the video and photo shoot was inspired by a “House of Seven Gables” vibe, so I wanted a more witchy feel to it. Music by Emma J.

See her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKj…

This photo also gives me a “Catherine from Vampire Diaries” vibe

Sometimes it’s nice to not be concerned with historical accuracy. I can let my hair down (literally) and have some creative fun!

A storm was about to blow in, and you can really feel it in the photos. The way my hair and skirt are blowing. Before we made it back to the car we were getting rained on.

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