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Frolicking at an Old House in Villa Rica

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCnsD3_PZ8E Sometimes I just want to run around and spin in a big pretty dress. Here is am wearing one of my American Civil War Era dresses, but I have my hair down, and I'm not wearing all of the correct underpinnings, so I'm terribly indecent. But the idea for the video and photo shoot… Continue reading Frolicking at an Old House in Villa Rica

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Vintage Inspired Look for Savannah

How to get that vintage look? While visiting Savannah I put together a cute 1950's inspired ensemble, but nothing I was wearing was more then 5 years old! I'm slowly but surely putting together a collection of true vintage pieces for myself, but those pieces can be hard to come by and sometimes expensive. So… Continue reading Vintage Inspired Look for Savannah

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Historical Costumes I Made in 2018

The first dress I made was a 1780's Italian style gown. I made it for historic fashion show I did at Stately Oak. This is started dipping my toe into the 18th century. Before this I had only made two other 18th century gowns, one was a working womens outfit, the other was a ball… Continue reading Historical Costumes I Made in 2018