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Colonial Midway Museum

History of the Museum: The Midway Museum is a reproduction of an 18th century plantation cottage that was constructed in the mid 20th century. It was designed in a raised style due to the high water table in the area and is typical of early homes in this area of Georgia. The architect of the… Continue reading Colonial Midway Museum

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Historical Costumes I Made in 2018

The first dress I made was a 1780's Italian style gown. I made it for historic fashion show I did at Stately Oak. This is started dipping my toe into the 18th century. Before this I had only made two other 18th century gowns, one was a working womens outfit, the other was a ball… Continue reading Historical Costumes I Made in 2018


Fashion in 1837 Great Britain

The 1830’s were an interesting time for fashion. The beginning of the decade saw enormous puffed sleeves on ladies’ dresses, high waists on men’s trousers and ladies’ dresses. Ladies hair was piled high on top of their heads. Ladies Cabinet of Fashion, 1837 By 1837 these wild fashion trends had begun to calm down. As… Continue reading Fashion in 1837 Great Britain