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Vintage Inspired Look for Savannah

How to get that vintage look? While visiting Savannah I put together a cute 1950's inspired ensemble, but nothing I was wearing was more then 5 years old! I'm slowly but surely putting together a collection of true vintage pieces for myself, but those pieces can be hard to come by and sometimes expensive. So… Continue reading Vintage Inspired Look for Savannah


Fashion in 1837 Great Britain

The 1830’s were an interesting time for fashion. The beginning of the decade saw enormous puffed sleeves on ladies’ dresses, high waists on men’s trousers and ladies’ dresses. Ladies hair was piled high on top of their heads. Ladies Cabinet of Fashion, 1837 By 1837 these wild fashion trends had begun to calm down. As… Continue reading Fashion in 1837 Great Britain


Historical Fashion Show At Stately Oaks

On March 17th, I got to present 7 dresses that I had made for reenactments, living history programs, and theatrical performances at the Historical Fashion Show at Stately Oaks. There was a wonderful variety of dresses presented. I was one of three historical costumers showing their work along with many other individuals who were showing… Continue reading Historical Fashion Show At Stately Oaks