The Nature of Early Museums in America

Museums in America have changed greatly since their creation, and in other ways they have stayed the same. Early American museums differed widely in their ideas of presentation and subject matter. Peale’s Museum in Philadelphia is truly the forerunner to the modern American museum, while a museum like P.T. Barnum’s American Museum is no longer… Continue reading The Nature of Early Museums in America

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Chief Vann House

During the 1790s, James Vann became a Cherokee Indian leader and wealthy businessman. He was the son of a Cherokee woman and Scots-Irish man, and because of his mixed ancestry was able to do business with the Europeans and Indigenous People of the area. James Vann established the largest and most prosperous plantation in the… Continue reading Chief Vann House

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Frolicking at an Old House in Villa Rica Sometimes I just want to run around and spin in a big pretty dress. Here is am wearing one of my American Civil War Era dresses, but I have my hair down, and I'm not wearing all of the correct underpinnings, so I'm terribly indecent. But the idea for the video and photo shoot… Continue reading Frolicking at an Old House in Villa Rica

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I’m Making an Evening Gown Inspired by a Big Name Designer!

Drum Roll Please..... LOT OF NEW THINGS HAPPENING! So, I made my first ever sewing project announcement vlog! (See the link above) In the video I tell you all about the new project I've started, which is making my formal dress for my sorority's formal! It is inspired by a 1952 Dior Evening gown!… Continue reading I’m Making an Evening Gown Inspired by a Big Name Designer!

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The Hay House

The construction on the Hay House began in 1855 and continued into 1859. It was built in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. The Parlor The 18,000-square-foot mansion spans four levels and is crowned by a two-story cupola. The house if absolutely beautiful and has soaring ceilings on all levels. The largest pocket door I have ever seen… Continue reading The Hay House