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Midway Congregational Church

This beautiful church came to my attention through the Historic Rural Churches of Georgia Page on Facebook. If you love old country churches I would highly recommend checking out their page.

The Midway Congregational Church was established in 1754 and the first meeting house was built in 1756. This meeting house housed the church until the American Revolutionary War when the building was destroyed by the British.

In 1792, the present church building was built in a New England Style. The exterior of the church, now white, was painted red at that time to prevent decay. The church building was reoriented in 1849 to its current placement, and was moved 40 feet east in the 1950’s when Highway 17 was widened. Otherwise, it has never been modernized. It has been described as “one of the most scenic historic landmarks in Georgia.”

During the Civil War and the occupation of Liberty County by Union troops at the end of 1864, the white Midway Church membership continued to decline rapidly, and their last service was held in 1867 when their pastor left for another assignment.

The Midway Society maintained control of the Church building, and leased it to the newly freed African American members, who brought their own minister in and organized the Midway Presbyterian Church in 1868. They continued to maintain the Church and graveyard until 1892, when the congregation moved to what had been a nearby school and then built the Midway First Presbyterian Church.

Although the Midway Church building has not been used for regular worship services since that time, it has continued to be maintained by the Midway Society, which holds an annual meeting and Homecoming for descendants of antebellum Church members. 

I made a video of my time here that you can watch on my YouTube channel:

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