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Vintage Inspired Look for Savannah

How to get that vintage look?

While visiting Savannah I put together a cute 1950’s inspired ensemble, but nothing I was wearing was more then 5 years old! I’m slowly but surely putting together a collection of true vintage pieces for myself, but those pieces can be hard to come by and sometimes expensive. So right now, I’m just working with the 1950’s aesthetic.

First I looked at what make the “1950’s look” the “1950’s look”? And after looking A LOT of photos on Pinterest I have determined that the generally look of the 1950’s would be and hourglass silhouette, an emphasis on the waist, and a full skirt that would fall to right below the knees.

A large amount of the time the outfit would be paired with a hat, gloves, and a necklace. The necklace was more often then not made out of pearls.

Here, from head to toe I am wearing

A white wool beret from Nordstrom

A red sweater from TJ Maxx

A blue skirt from I can’t remember where

Dark Brown boots from Belk

A coat that I am still in love with form Alter’d State

Gloves from Charming Charlie’s

A gold and pearl necklace from my Granny

I felt so cute in this outfit and cannot wait to wear it again!

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