Dill has been used as a medicinal herb for at least 5,000 years. The Ancient Egyptians used dill as a soothing medicine, and it was also used in aphrodisiacs and to ward off witches. The Greeks used dill as a symbol of wealth. The Romans believed that dill brought good fortune. In ancient times soldiers would apply burnt dill seeds to wounds to help them heal.


‘Therewith her Vervain and her Dill,
That hindereth Witches of their Will.’
– 1627 play Nymphidia by Michael Drayton,

Dill has long been used as a medicine to soothe stomach ailments and gas. Dill seeds were even served after large meals to help calm the effects of over-indulgence. In 1525 Bankes’ Herbal said that “dill assuageth wicked winds in the womb” (meaning the stomach).

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