Rosemary is historically associated with remembrance. It was used ceremoniously at weddings and funerals. Rosemary was often entwined into a wreath, dipped in scented water, and worn by brides at their wedding. The wreath symbolized fidelity, love, abiding friendship, and remembrance of the life that the woman had led prior to her marriage. At funerals the body would typically be laid to rest with rosemary. While rosemary is used to symbolize remembrance of the dear one who had passed on, it would also help cover up any unpleasant orders.

Rosemary bound
Medicinally, rosemary acts as a circulatory and nervine stimulant, which in addition to the toning and calming effect on digestion, makes it a remedy that is used where psychological tension is present. This may show for instance as headache or depression. Externally, it may be used to ease muscular pain, sciatica, and neuralgia.

Photo from: http://www.greekboston.com/herbs-spices/rosemary/


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