Pride and Prejudice Book Trailer

For my creative project in my Jane Austen Literature Class, I decided to make a book trailer for Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. ( click here to view it)I decided on the novel, Pride and Prejudice because it is one of my favorite Austen novels, and I felt that it would translate well to the screen. Now this is how I made it…

This was a very labor-intensive project. I started filming in October because that is when Emma, Austen, and Steven were in town. We live in different states, but we were all attending a Highland Festival together, and they were kind enough to help me out after the festival was over. Emma played Lydia Bennet and Caroline Bingley. Austen played Mr. Collins and Wickham. I played Elizabeth Bennet, and my wonderful boyfriend, Steven, played Mr. Darcy.

I wrote a small script. I mostly used quotes from the book and one quote from the movie, because I just couldn’t pass up the “boiled potatoes” line. I tried to find moments that were crucial to the story line, but I didn’t want to give all the plot points away too easily. When I was editing together all of what we had filmed and recorded, some of the script got chopped up or deleted completely to avoid giving large plot points away. I edited the video together over Thanksgiving break, and my cat was very happy that I sat still for so long. She could have a good nap on my lap. She was also the first one to see my project, and gave it two paws up!

Once I had written the script, I then had to find locations to film it. For some of the scenes, I used the historic grist mill at Stone Mountain Park. For the other scenes, my Grandma let us use her house. Her front two rooms, the dining room and the parlor, are decorated in the early American style, which made for the perfect backdrop. We spent a good part of the day at each location filming.

Emma composed the back-ground music that you hear in the film. She played the piano and I played the flute. She’s insanely talented and just came up with the music on the spot!


I made all the costumes seen in the video.I used a simplicity pattern to make the yellow dress and the pink dress. For the purple dress with the white overlay, I just made up a pattern. I also made up a pattern for the purple bonnet that you see.

I love making videos like this. As you can see I have a whole YouTube channel called Historical Belle, that is full of videos of me doing historical dances, historical reenactments, and historical fashion. Go check out this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1ZD_7KZ5ec

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